1 de marzo de 2010

[Study] Injuries time based on match report ext.

The diagram can give you an average estimate of the injury time based on the text given in the match report.

This is an improved version of a previous study. Although I didn't add new data, I did add some new information. As you can see the biggest problem of the original version, is the translation to other languages. We cannot do a literal translation since the LAs adapt the text to each country or region. So the work I did consisted on looking for matches for each one of the different reports, you can see the Match ID on the second table.

With this, the translation to any Hattrick language gets very easy, since you only need to open the match and copy the repot. In order to get the time estimate, look for the match report on Table 2, you will get the number (R1, R3, R7, etc etc), get back to Table 1 and check the estimated time for the injury.

Table 1

ReportCasesPorcentageTotal WeeksAvg WeeksMin.Max.

Table 2

R1262661757When XXX was badly injured by the physical play in the ZZ:th minute, YYY fans were unhappy to discover that there was no one available to make the substitution.
R2256851141Unfortunately for YYY, XXX suffered a concussion in the ZZ:th minute and had to be taken for tests. There was no one left on the bench to replace him, so the team had to continue a man short.
R3242389641YYY's XXX had to watch the rest of the game from the sidelines, after twisting his ankle in the ZZ:th minute.
R4250309028ZZ minutes into the game,XXX had to leave the pitch due to a knee injury.
R5263049438YYY had to make a substitution in the ZZ:th minute. XXX limped off the field and was replaced by PPP.
R6266353126YYY's XXX left the field after ZZ minutes because of a nasty blow to the shin.
R7256179774PPP was called on to replace YYY's XXX in the ZZ:th minute after a nasty collision.
R8239917826XXX was the unlucky victim and couldn't continue the game, so YYY's PPP had to come off the bench.
R9256289756YYY was worse off though, as XXX was unable to finish the game and no substitutes were available!
R10221911813The YYY player who had to be helped off the pitch, was XXX as he was unable to finish the game.
R11267947968YYY were forced to a substitution as XXX couldn't continue playing due to the rough treatment, forcing PPP to come in from the sidelines.
R12267947952A loud groan was heard from the fans of YYY, as XXX left the pitch in too much pain to finish the match.
R13246986689Unfortunately for YYY, XXX was injured when the game became more physical, and he had to leave the field.
R14255890680It might be a while before the fans see YYY's XXX again, after he had to leave the field in great distress at the ZZ minute mark
R1556507736In the ZZ:th minute a very unfortunate collision in the penalty area led to YYY's XXX being carried off the pitch and replaced by PPP.
R16248095149XXX couldn't finish the match after being injured, leaving YYY a man down.
R17223031672When XXX left the game because of a back injury in the ZZ:th minute, YYY had to continue a man short due to a lack of replacements.
R18254028471The crowd gasped as XXX of YYY was flattened by an opponent in the ZZ:th minute and had to be carried off.
R19263049332After ZZ minutes YYY's XXX had to be carried off on a stretcher in agony.
R20260522730YYY will have to do without XXX for a time, due to a bad foot injury at the ZZ minute mark.

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